DIFFUSION - The UCLan Journal of Undergraduate Research (Humanities)

Mission Statement

When it was established in 1828, the institution now called the University of Central Lancashire was entitled the Preston Institute for the Diffusion of Knowledge. This original commitment to the Diffusion of knowledge remains a central part of the University’s mission to link teaching and research in a shared community dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge. 180 years later, we paid homage to this mission in the title of the journal: Diffusion. The first issue was released in 2008 and included work from departments across the university. 

Diffusion relaunched in 2018 as a student project (Live Literature Project). The students form the Diffusion Team and effectively run the journal for a year, under the academic lead of Helen Day. They are supported by a full Editorial Board consisting of staff and students from all areas of the Humanities. The journal is now focused on publishing work by students studying Humanities (in the School of Psychology and Humanities).

Current Issue


Diffusion (Humanities), is pleased to announce a special edition focusing on Religion, Culture and Society.

We actively encourage research at undergraduate level, showcasing outstanding work in Diffusion (HLGS) and promoting the journal as a means of sharing undergraduate research across our disciplines and the wider community.

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