Editorial Team

  • Role of Diffusion Team

    The Diffusion Team is made up of Helen Day and the group of students who will be running the journal each year.

  • Students
  • This academic year the students are:
  • Ella Tredinnick

  • Ammaarah Mangera

  • Ash Gibb

  • Kulsum Daud 

  • Helen Day (Academic Lead)


Ella Tredinnick (Literature and Creative Writing Student) UCLan

Ammaarah Mangera (Literature Student) UCLan

Ash Gibb, (Literature and Korean Student) UCLan

Kulsum Daud, (English Language and Linguistics) UCLan

Helen Day, (Literature and Creative Writing) UCLan – Academic Lead

Janice Wardle, (Literature Staff) UCLan

Helen Hewertson, (Foundation Staff) UCLan

Carolyn King, (Education & Social Science Staff) UCLan

Máirtín Ó Catháin, (History Staff) UCLan

Niall Scott, (Philosophy Staff) UCLan

Robert Lee, (British Sign Language Staff) UCLan

Daniel Burkle, (Linguistics Staff) UCLan

Megan Todd, (Sociology Staff) UCLan

Evan Lawrence, (Area Studies Staff) UCLa

The Editorial Board is made up of staff and students from the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. Their role is to meet twice a semester for two reasons. The first is to make decisions about the running of the journal. The second is to be Reviewers. This means they will be given potential articles which have been submitted to the journal to read and review.

If you are interested in joining the editorial board please contact:

Helen Day

The Students on the Diffusion team & Editorial Board of 2018-19 were : 

Lauren Foskett 

Hena Jameel

Hafsa Ussene 

Danielle Wade